Amy & Steve at The Springs in Katy

We’re pumped to share the wedding details of Amy & Steve!  These two were recently married at The Springs in Katy!  As always we’re so glad to have been selected to serve as the wedding planning team for these two lovebirds!

Fun facts:

  • Amy’s mom called me up, told me what she needed for her baby girl and hired me on the spot!  Such a sweet lady and she certainly knew what she wanted!
  • Amy holds the record as the bride who TRUSTED ULTIMATE EVENTS THE MOST.  She was so relaxed and so trusting of our recommendations!  It’s a good thing our process is set up to get to know our couple so deeply, so quickly!  We took what we knew, made plans, and ran with it!
  • Amy’s dad pulled us to the side right before we lined up the bridal party and spoke those BEAUTIFUL words that I love to hear:  “Kristina, now that I understand what you ladies do, I believe this is hands down THE BEST money I’ve spent – you have given us peace of mind!”

Yep, I’m thankful that we knocked another one out of the park!  Please take a look below and drop a comment or two!  We cannot say THANK YOU enough to Werner Co. Photos for these images!  He did a great job!

One last congrats to our happy couple! 

~Ultimate Events Unlimited, Ultimate Perfection. Unlimited Possibilities.