Jonoa + Austin

Bride & Groom: Jonoa & Austin

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Fun facts  about the Bride: Jonoa is a leader of their churches Fine Arts Ministry and also a member of the Army Reserves. Jonoa personality is bubbly and fun filled.

Fun facts about the Groom: Austin is a leader of their churches Praise & Worship Team and also a Los Angeles Rams fan. Austin’s personality is laid back and easy going.

Every wedding that we have the privilege of planning is truly an honor. Brides and Grooms trust us with their wedding vision and handling all of the small and large aspects of their Big Day. On November 3, 2017 we had the pleasure of unfolding another Ultimate Wedding; this time in Las Vegas, NV.

Jonoa and Austin are a couple that you can not help but fall in love with. Jonoa has been a dear friend of mine for the last few years and it could not have meant more to me that she trusted me with her wedding. Random fact; I feel more planning pressure when my client is a friend or family member. Not for any other reason than the pressure and expectations I place on myself to be perfect.

Austin  proposed to Jonoa on New Year’s Eve 2016, at their church in Las Vegas surrounded by their family and closest friends. Not soon after, they set a wedding date for November 3, 2017.

The theme for their wedding was rustic…rustic love as I saw it. When you spend more than a few minutes with these two you can not help but be inspired by their love for each other and the pure joy display. “Whatever you want babe”, was a common phrase they would say to each other during our planning meetings.

This dear couple wanted nothing more than to include their family and loved ones in their day. They invited their guests to arrive at the ceremony location early as the Bride with her bridesmaids and the Groom with his groomsmen took their pre ceremony photos (separate of course).



Lastly, right before it was time to head down the aisle,Jonoa and Austin said a special prayer together. Wiping tears away, the moment had come, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

As guests rushed to their seats, music played, the bridal party lined up, and  the area filled with emotion. This was it, the day had finally come Austin was about to marry his best friend.

After the bridal party walked in, all eyes turned to the back. The chorus from How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood (one of Austin’s favorite worship songs) played over the crowd as Mr. Savou escorted his daughter down to the altar. Eyes filled with tears as the bride and groom joined hands and the ceremony began.

The reception was equally as special. The decor space was full of garland that the families brought all the way from Hawaii with deep toned red roses everywhere. The room was light by candle light and the garden lights that shined in from outside. Truly romantic.

The night continued with lots of special Polynesian dancing and even a special dance tribute from Austin to Jonoa. As the night began to wind down, the guests were given glow stick to send the Mr. and Mrs. off for the night. Giving final greetings to their guests as they exited for the night with bright and vibrant colors swirling around them. Almost as if to symbol the many different tones of love they share for each other.

It was truly an honor working with this couple. Another Ultimate wedding and a wonderful first wedding for the Ultimate team in Las Vegas.

Photos: Ken Maurice Studios
Ultimate Planning Team: Jania Braggs & Kristina Kellogg